Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let It Snow!

I am not a cold weather person. I get cold easily and stay cold for a long time. The only exception to my aversion to winter weather is snow. So I was happy to learn that winters in Hamburg don't get much colder than Bay Area winters, especially since it reportedly rarely snows here and what snow does fall is wet and quickly gone.

None of which bears out this week.

It's been chilly here; that wet, bone-drilling cold San Franciscans know all too well. Then the temperature started dropping, and I feared the start to a pointless, unpleasant season of rainy, freezing miserable weather.

And then it snowed this morning.

At first it was a light snow that didn't stick and stopped after an hour. Then it started again in earnest, snowing an inch within the first half hour and continuing for another hour and a half till it tapered to a light dusting.

The everyday landscape outside my window is transformed, and even the church bells I hear every Sunday at noon seemed a bit more magical today.

My biggest hope is that "they" continue to be wrong, and that the snow is a regular visitor this winter. (Or at a minimum, sticks around for the opening of the Christmas markets tomorrow...)

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