Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Introduction to The Little Things

I had this grand vision that after 6, 9, or 12 months in Hamburg I would compose some sort of “Everything You Need to Know” guide for visitors and potential expats. A compendium of sorts, including my experiences and some of the topics I’ve seen on other blogs, guide sites, and forums.

But just before I left for Christmas I saw this list and it reminded me of the What I Will Miss and What I Won’t Miss lists I wrote early on in this blog. Probably good to circle back on those, right?

Also, I got back after the holiday and read Larry’s Secret Santa gift from work - German Secrets: Achtung to Zeitgeist by Paul Smith and Ken Taylor. The book humorously covers observations by the two authors over 30 years living in Germany; things echoed in my experience of just four months.

So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I thought it would be good to keep sharing personal anecdotes.

On one of my city tours our guide said there are three seasons in Hamburg: spring, construction, and rain. While I’m spending most of my time inside during “rain/snow,” I thought I’d flesh out my notes and share them out over the next little while.

Check back for my experiences with:

  • German– in Hamburg it’s like learning two languages at once
  • Money– cash is king and port goods are cheap
  • Food– I thought everybody loved pie?
  • The Internet– the ongoing saga: 4+ months and no home connection

and more!

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