Friday, April 22, 2016

Seeking Solace im Schloss

Toward the end of my recent involuntary inactivity time, we got the distressing news that the executives at Larry’s company are canceling the project he’s working on and dissolving the studio.

(The specifics on this and other cringe-worthy incidents during Larry’s tenure might be fodder for a far-future post, but needless to say there have been a couple of evenings of not-so-happy hours and much gloominess in recent days.)

As Larry explores other project options, I’ve been puttering about and trying to be supportive. But I realize there’s little I can do at this stage in the upheaval, which is a bit depressing.

So yesterday I did what any person in my situation would do to feel better: I went to a castle.

The Bergedorfer Schloss is Hamburg's only remaining castle. It is undocumented until
the 13th century, although it might have been around much earlier.

It turns out there's a modest castle--das Bergedorfer Schloss--that sits on a teeny island in the middle of the Bergedorf district in southern Hamburg. Awesome.

The museum entrance is accessed through
the castle's inner courtyard.
Even better is the fact that the castle is a cultural museum, so while you do get to see some fun furnishing exhibits, you can also learn about the traditions of the surrounding Vierlande (four southern farming districts carved into island areas by the Elbe River).

The current main exhibit focuses on the experiences of a Bergedorfer in East Africa in the first World War (a topic that partly coincides with some of my upcoming posts).

Although all of the exhibits were in German, between what I could read and what I needed to look up, I learned some good history (and new words!).

Climbing the tower stairs

There were a few sections of the original painted wood ceiling

As much as I enjoyed the diversion of the castle and subsequent stroll on its sunny grounds, the big question remains:

Will we get our fairytale ending here in Hamburg? 

I guess that remains to be seen. Hopefully things out more like Disney’s Cinderella and less like Andersen’s The Little Mermaid


  1. Nooooooooo! :( On the bright side, you get to see K soon I think...??

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to my day trip to Amsterdam next week!