Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Around Town: Statues

As I wander around Hamburg admiring the architecture, I've also become a bit obsessed with capturing images of the city's many statues.

Some are just visually appealing to me, while others give me an excuse to look up the famous German personage or event they represent.

These are some of my recent favorites:

St. Pauli - Otto von Bismarck Memorial
This 115-ft. high monument to Germany's first chancellor
is in a pocket park between Planten un Blomen
and the Reeperbahn. 
HafenCity - Klaus Stoertebeker.
Not only is it cool to have a statue
depicting a legendary pirate,
but I like the strength you see here,
especially considering that he's bound
and awaiting his execution. 

Downtown, St. Nikolai Church - Angel on Earth
 "Take my hand and let me lead you back to yourself."

Klein Flottbeck, Botanical Garden
"Adam plunders his paradise."

Downtown, in front of the Rathaus
Memorial to poet & essayist Heinrich Heine
The panel below the statue is an image of Nazis burning books.
This panel on the back side of the Heine memorial depicts
the destruction of the original memorial statue.

St. Pauli, Fish Market area  - "Madonna of the Seas" memorial
"The eternal sea, the ships are no longer,
and the simple men do not return to their days."

St. Pauli, outside Planten un Blomen park
This wooden statue has different
representations of nautical living,
including a mermaid.

St. Pauli Fish Market
Altonaer Balkon, "Fishermen"

Altona, "Der Stuhlmannbrunnen"
A huge fountain featuring two centaurs fighting for a giant fish, surrounded by spraying lizards, a Nereid, and a Triton.

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