Sunday, July 3, 2016

Postcard: People and Places

My final "postcard" blog about my recent river cruise is just that--a collection of pictures of some of the people we met, silly fun we had, and things we saw on our 15-day journey from the Netherlands to Austria.

Large, ornate, seagoing vessels? Thumbs-up.

Teeny tiny cars that can park
on a sidewalk? Angela gives 
that a thumbs-down.

Safety drill!
photo courtesy of Angela Pratt

Our Program Director, Udo, shows us how to
eat raw fish the Dutch way--
with plenty of onions and pickles.

The birthplace of cologne
You know it's been a rough night in Amsterdam 
when the streetlights need a break!
Kaiser Wilhelm statue in Koblenz
View of Heidelberg from the castle
Saw this...whatever it is...on a building
as we sailed out of Frankfurt

Rain was keeping river levels high, making our passage
under some bridges rather tricky. A couple of times we were
near the point of having to leave the ship and
continue our journey via bus.
Although I wasn't awake for all 66 locks we sailed
through, I watched our passage through
as many as possible. As you can see,
not a lot of wiggle room, and our crew
steered through them manually,
with no GPS or radar aids.
Wertheim is known for glassblowing, so we got a private demo
by a local artist before we set out for the day.

The old main bridge in Würzburg

Good clean fun in Rothenburg
A pig in--where else--Schweinfurt!
Früschoppen - a brunch tradition that, in some parts of Germany,
may involve more beer than food

Another German tradition is that of journeyman workers. While walking toward old town Bamberg we ran into this roofing journeyman, who will travel for the next couple of years with just the belongings under his arm, finding work, food, and shelter by the grace of the people in the towns through which he travels.

I thought maybe it was something that was only alive and well in the southern areas of Germany, but when I got back, I noticed a couple of journeymen in their traditional garb walking through downtown Hamburg.
One side of an incredibly creepy statue 
in Nuremberg

and...the other side

An example of the lovelier side of Nuremberg's history
Yes, this is a highway overpass, which means that the cars you see are driving under us as we sail across!
Ferry ride through the Danube Gorge
...and by the afternoon he's picked up
a new hat in Regensburg!

All in a day's work!
After a morning visit to the Weltenburg
Abbey, Larry has secured a baby keg
of the monks' very good beer...

Looking down over the city of Passau. There's our ship, Grand Circle Cruise Line's MS River Harmony!
The Loreley rock
Ruins of the castle in Düernstein where Richard the Lionheart was held captive in 1192.

We saw numerous examples of Fachwerkhaus construction in some not-so-common colors. 
Although this looks like some kind of fake photo backdrop,
the abbey on the hill is real. I'm guessing the wheel 
is a semi-permanent way to promote the show 
on the poster behind me. 

A few members of our incredible crew
photo courtesy of Angela Pratt

This swimming pool is the only part of
Danube we saw that was actually blue.
The Wachau Nose

at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
photo courtesy of Angela Pratt

This is a video clip of a troupe that came aboard and 
performed some traditional Bavarian dances for us.

photo courtesy of Angela Pratt

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