Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Little Things: Stopping to Smell the Roses (and Drink the Beer)

Climbing wall on the outside of your house?
Sure thing!
Although a lot of people think of Germans as reserved, when it’s time to relax and have fun, they excel.

Exercise, travel, and passionate commitment to sports aside, I've also noticed a few things in the day-to-day here that remind me to enjoy life!
Why not have a little fun with directions to the bathroom?
No words needed!

Condiments are usually bottom-shelf items
in the grocery store...

...because apparently you can't have too much!

A summer sale on small barbecues. Go to most gas stations and you'll
find cheap foil versions that look like a small turkey basting pan with a flimsy
mesh top. After nice-weather weekends you see mountains of those in the
park, piled up next to the trash cans.

The U.N. should seriously 
consider karaoke as an 
ice-breaker. In the past 11 months 
we've done karaoke 
a few times in a club,
in the back room of a bar, 
and in a sound studio in 
Larry's office.
My favorite of these outings:
Listening to a German woman
sing American big band
tunes from the 1940s.

Uptight? More like outta sight! This was at the Schlagermove event
a couple of weeks ago, advertised as "a festival of love."

This one always gets me grinning. Most vendors wrap fresh flowers in paper. Great present to open!

While we're on the subject of flowers, I resolved when we moved here to actually make time to stop and smell the roses.
With so many fantastic gardens around--from sidewalk strips to garden club plots to formal garden parks--there's
no shortage of beautiful spots to feed my resolution!

Prost! Anytime is a good time to relax with a beer
That includes cafes in parks, museums,
other cultural attractions.

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