Friday, August 28, 2015

Getting Settled

It’s my third full day in Hamburg, and aside from moving the refrigerator out of the foyer of our apartment (I don’t know why it’s there, either), I’m not planning to do much today.

Turns out Internet access is really, really helpful if you’re trying to research bus options or, say, order an Uber. Unfortunately the wait here for an Uber means you really have to plan ahead, and when I see a wait time that’s over 20 minutes for someplace that’s within 2 miles, I just walk.

Which is how yesterday I walked over a mile to a pet supply store and lugged home a litter box, bag of kitty litter, and bag of cat food. Then I walked a mile to a supermarket, filled my two large reusable shopping bags and lugged that home.

I spent the next couple of hours fighting the urge to nap (I’d woken up at 2:30 in the morning and never went back to sleep), so I could walk a half mile to pick up a queen-sized inflatable bed and lug that home. While the bed was inflating I ran a bath, and I’m pretty sure I nodded off a few times in the tub before getting out and taking a three-hour nap.

This morning I’m better rested but a bit sore, using my international data plan minutes like a miser, and finishing the mapping out of where our stuff is going to go once it arrives five weeks from now (!).

After some early showers, it rained steadily yesterday evening and through the night, so it’s a bit cooler and overcast today, and I’m feeling perfectly ok with taking it easy and reflecting a bit.

I had quickly compiled these two lists before leaving San Francisco, but have since amended them with a thing or two since my first couple of days here. They’re not ranked, although that may come in a future update:

Things I Will Miss About San Francisco

Things I Will NOT Miss About San Francisco

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