Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our New Place

Welcome to the Westend Village in Hamburg, our home for the next 12 months. 
(If only our stuff would leave the Port of Oakland so we could truly enjoy it!) 

The complex is a mix of residential and commercial, including one office building for Larry's new company (his office is in another building, about a 10-minute walk from here). 

The brick buildings you see below are the bulk of the 12 houses, and were renovated into loft spaces from an old tobacco factory.

Thankfully there are a lot of big windows in our place because--though you can't see it in these pictures--there are only three light fixtures in the entire apartment. Everywhere else there are just wires where lights would go. Apparently it's not just here in our renovated apartment complex. It's a thing. 


The view out into the complex from the front door of Haus 2.
The lawn/park area out front features an oversized chess set, small pond, and pool.

A view of Haus 2.
And this is us!

This is the wide, long front entry hall. A light fixture would actually prove really useful here!
Here's a view into the bedroom...

...which has a spacious walk-in closet behind that deceptively small folding door
The master bath is nearly the same size as the bedroom

And there's a half bath in the hallway (thankfully with a light)

At the end of the entrance hall and to the right will be our main living area
And to the left is the kitchen...

...which came with all appliances, and one of the three lights. :)

Visitors welcome, and better photos to come once we're furnished!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    So Nice to see you online again. You shouldn't have said visitors welcome, I'm planning my trip already! ;-) Your new place is very cute, can't wait to hear of your new adventures. How are the boys adjusting? You did take them with you right?

    --Maria Paquette

  2. You sure you want your stuff in there? I'm kind of diggin' the minimalist program you've got going on. I discovered through LinkedIn your blog was up, so instead of work I had to catch up with your journey so far =) Looking forward to more installments! yvonne

  3. Trust me, I'm looking forward to the arrival of my stuff. Minimalist is one thing, but the echoes and emptiness gets old. :)

  4. The boys are adjusting pretty well, considering the upheaval of the past couple of months. And our new place has windows with sills for them to sit on--definitely a plus!